CSGO Mobile apps for better user experience

Mobile friendly versions of different website are getting more important every day. It is because the number of users using mobile devices instead of desktop computers is getting higher. The situation is clear – mobile device is more convenient, easer and quicker way to reach needed information.

Mobile versions


If you are trying to access a CSGO website by using you mobile phone you can face some difficulties. If there is no responsive design or mobile version, using this website can cause pain. Sometimes even some buttons are not working properly, you can’t access different pages or, for example, right side of the page can’t be seen even if you are trying to scroll view to other side. Mobile devices are future so every website should be easy to use.

Mobile apps


Even better thing than mobile version or responsive design might be a CSGO mobile app. If a site has a convenient mobile version and easy to use mobile app – it is perfect.

Today you can find very handy apps related to CSGO. These apps are created both for players and for users, who only likes to watch how others fight.

For example, players can enjoy CSGO Skills mobile app which offers free practice and training. You can also watch your progress and vote for features too. For those who like to watch other matches gambling apps become handy. For example, Drakelounge mobile app is presented with a sentence “Don’t camp while your favorite teams fight it out!”. It’s kind a true thing, however, you should always find time for activities without computer or mobile devices.


Bring your CSGO games with you wherever you are. Choose a site with convenient design to mobile devices or which has handy mobile app. Enjoy your game and matches!